Things I Probably Shouldn’t Say at Christmas, a Non-exhaustive List

“I think it’s best that we don’t talk about politics, because I consider your candidate to be a scourge on humanity.”

“I think I like my new boss’s intersectional style, but I am concerned about how solid he is on understanding that limiting abortion access is a human rights violation.”

“The wedding planning has been great. When we get stressed out, we just have to stop for a while and have hot lesbian sex to remind us what it’s all about.”

“The gender binary exists to make people like you feel comfortable. I like you, but let’s get over that, shall we?”

“If we were paying attention, we’d all be vegan.”

“Anyone who still thinks climate change isn’t real is an asshole.”

“We give the most money to Planned Parenthood, of course, but we also donate to ACLU, NPR, and local LGBTQ+ organizations. We’re donating to HRC, but considering a reduction because they’re just more aligned with the mainstream/ white/ cisgender/ male culture.”

“You know, I started watching Say Yes to the Dress, but it was reinforcing so many heteronormative and size-biased ideals that I had to stop.”

“Fat bodies can be just as healthy as smaller bodies, and doctor bias really needs to be addressed.”

“Don’t blame me. I voted for Hillary.”

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