The Boot Is the Thing

I have in my possession the greatest pair of boots ever made. They’re 8-eyelet Dr. Martens and they are covered in a pastel pink rainbow of pure glitter. Here is a photo of the actual boots that I actually own.

You’re welcome for having seen them.

I saw them through the store window and I was immobilized with glee. As I walked in the store, I was telling my friends, “I’m an adult.” The salesperson who helped me said, “I heard you say you’re an adult, but a lot of people have these! They’re not just for kids.” I replied, “oh, you misunderstood. I meant that I’m an adult with an income and I can buy these boots if I want to.” I’ve never had less buyer’s remorse.

As I was trying them on, Love leaned over and whispered, “wedding boots?” I laughed at the time, but I swear I have been planning our entire wedding around an aesthetic that can support my wearing these boots. (boots → I should grow my hair longer → long puffy dress → maybe not a quiet Quaker wedding → consider an urban venue → brunch crawl → party feel → public vows → etc.)

These boots are my due north. They’re my little sparkly heart, heat-sealed and stitched onto an AirWair™ sole. I’ve written two posts today. The other is about the constant doubt that comes with being a non-traditional bride. This one’s about the upside.

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